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Nearly every person who has responded to the SIRVA Survey has reported seeing a doctor or health care professional who had never heard of SIRVA, and/or was skeptical about whether it exists. In my experience, I have found about half of the doctors I’ve seen to be knowledgeable about SIRVA and the other half completely unaware.

HELP US FILL IN THE MAP!! Have you seen a doctor about SIRVA and had a good experience (found them knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful)? Let us know in the comments, so other people can seek out good doctors near them. I’ll add your positive reviews to the map. Negative reviews of doctors will stay in the comments as a warning to others to stay away! On the map below, red = orthopedist; green = other type of doctor, usually a primary care physician.


(Warning: I’m using a free map widget here, so it may not be super functional. Hover over a marker to see a basic description of the doctor or click on the marker itself to be taken to their webpage/contact info.)

IF THERE’S NO ONE LISTED IN YOUR AREA: My recommendations for your first visit with a doctor or orthopedist are here. I recommend a few peer-reviewed medical journal papers about SIRVA to print out and bring with you in case they’ve never heard of it.

I am really sorry if you see someone listed here and find them unhelpful, or to have a bad attitude. Please let us know and I will adjust the map accordingly! I would love to fill in MORE DOCTORS who are knowledgeable so let me know if you see someone and have a good experience with them!!! But it is important to be aware that the current state of research on treating SIRVA is very limited and not to blame the doctor if they are uncertain of the best course of action for you. I’m just looking for doctors are good at their jobs and who won’t tell you “this is not a real thing”.

DISCLAIMER: I have not personally seen most of the doctors listed on this map. Some of them are listed because they are authors or co-authors on papers about SIRVA, so I assume they’re familiar with it, but make no promises about how good they are. If you see one of them and think they’re terrible, leave a comment and I will remove them from the map.

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  1. I have seen one GP and one orthopaedic doctor about SIRVA. Both denied its existence. The orthopaedic insists it is arthritis…..
    Any suggestions.

    1. Yes exactly same thing happened to me the doctors saying I am making up my mind I also got pain in the above add of chest both hands were damaged in two years consiqutely the doctors didn’t even say let’s find out they discouraged me

  2. I’m sorry, Anita, that is such a hard experience. The best success I had was by having a few medical journal articles with me for my appointments. Depending on the doctor’s personality, it’s not always easy to get them to even look at the papers, but in at least one case with an orthopedist who did not believe in its existence, by the end of my visit he had turned around 180 degrees. I described those experiences here:

    I know it’s not easy to keep looking for a new doctor, but you might try another orthopedist and try the technique of printing out and bringing those papers (I recommend which ones to take on that link above). If that’s not an option or you don’t want to start over, and you return to the one who thinks it’s arthritis, you can try again with the papers, but in any case I would definitely recommend insisting on an MRI. If he/she is convinced it’s arthritis, they may not be willing, but in that case I would DEFINITELY find a new one who will order an MRI. I don’t know enough about arthritis to know if it will be distinct from SIRVA-related damage on an MRI, and it’s no guarantee that a “smoking gun” for SIRVA will appear, but it is the gold standard for figuring out where the shot hit and what exactly was injured in the shoulder, which will guide treatment the best. Good luck and please keep me posted.

    1. Maybe try reaching out too an attorney that works with SIRVA.
      I image that would have names of some names of physicians who listened to their patients.

    2. Dr. Kevin Setter – Orthopedist at Upstate Bone & Joint Wellness Center in Syracuse, NY. He introduced me to the term “SIRVA” before I knew that my situation had some sort of title or term.

  3. Dr. Andrew Veitch an orthopedist in Albuquerque has heard of SIRVA and is a nice person and sympathetic. He seems very against surgery. Says the only thing to do is wait and let it resolve.

    1. Wait, so I’m in ABQ with this condition. If his solution is to ‘wait it out” would you recommend going to him or did he say that but also send you to PT or have any sorry of solution?

  4. Hi, can you share the paper written by Eric Strauss? I’m going to see him (thanks to this site!) and would like to read the paper but can’t find it.

      1. I am wondering if you have heard any feedback on the visit with MD Strauss. I am in northern New England, and haven’t found anyone who has been able to heal my shoulder. I’ll drive to NY if it’s worth it!!

    1. Hi Susanna,
      I live in New York and have been suffering with SIRVA for 4 months now. What was your experience with this doctor? I am looking for someone who can give me some answers and maybe some hope. Thanks

  5. I am looking for the Sirva paper supposedly written by Dr.Mark Floyd in Rome, GA. I have already had one surgery and currently involved in a lawsuit from a SIRVA injury. I was thinking of going to see him since he is only 3 hours from me. Do you have any info on the paper he wrote? I would love to see it! Thanks!

    Leigh Ann

    1. Hi Leigh Ann, I am going to be scheduling an appointment to see Dr. Floyd in Rome. Did you end up seeing him? If so how was your experience?

  6. I found the above map helpful. Ive been having a hard time finding a doctor that knows about SIRVA. The above map led me to someone in my area that may be familiar with SIRVA. I am hoping for good results. But typically, which doctors treat SIRVA? Orthopedics or Rheumatogists? Thank you

    1. Hi Marie, please keep me updated about how it goes with the doctor you found on here.

      A few people who have made comments on this website have seen rheumatologists but I have not, myself. So far I haven’t heard back that any particular rheumatologist has been very helpful. But their perspective could be very interesting since they are more familiar with immune-system-related processes than orthopedists, maybe.

      Finding a good orthopedist has been my recommendation usually, but many are unaware of SIRVA and some may try to pin your symptoms on another shoulder injury. Even for those who are aware of SIRVA, there is not much SIRVA-specific knowledge out there so they will be as helpful as they can be given what’s medically understood right now (cortisone shots? surgery? etc). At the very minimum they can treat a shoulder injury the way they would treat a non-SIRVA injury with similar damage, and that may be the best option anyway until more is known.

      Best of luck and please let me know if you have a good experience with any particular doctor, rheumatologist, orthopedist, or otherwise.

      1. I first went to my family doctor that administered the flu vaccine on September 11, 2020 a month after the shot. He told me that this is so rare he doesn’t believe that is the problem. I had no issues with my shoulder before getting the vaccine so I’m sure this is the problem. I returned again to this office and was given steriods which did nothing. I finally went to a Ortho Dr in Jan of 2021 and he was rude and did a MRI of the shoulder but found nothing. They informed me I could do nothing and see if it improves on its own, get a cortisone shot or opt for exploratory surgery. I took the cortisone since the pain is getting pretty bad. It did ease up some but 6 weeks later I am in pain again. Can’t sleep, lift or brush my hair due to the pain. I guess I could try another ortho but I’m afraid of getting the same response. I just went through chemo and radiation a year ago for cancer and can’t really afford to keep going to doctors to get no relief. Any suggestions? I am in Dayton Ohio

    1. Hi Charrie,
      Just finding this information after 4 months of pain and wanted to know; how your healing is going after seeing Dr. Jones? thanks!

  7. I got sirva 5 months ago. Im one of the lucky ones. Mine went bilateral after 8 days. Pain was 90 on scale 1-10. 7 doctors gave me deer in headlighta look. None would read papers I brought in about sirva. After 1 month I begged doc to do something. I got rx for methyl-prednisone. Within 3hrs I felt better. Overnight I improved even more. But I am still very sick and pain is 8-9 on a 10 scale.

  8. Came across this site after ongoing should pain after a vaccine. I tried to make an appointment for Dr Eric Strauss about SIRVA hoping for an initial diagnosis, but his office says he only takes surgical patients and I can only see him with a referral from a general ortho. Still trying to figure out who to see.

  9. Dr Janelle Kopp of Centurs health in Arvada, CO (16320 W 64th Ave, Arvada, CO 80007) had heard of SIRVA and had treated one patient with it prior to my seeing her. She is an excellent doctor and provided some relief to me and referred me to a good physical therapist. I have not fully healed and am no longer in Colorado but I wanted to share this info in case it provides anyone else hope.

  10. Help. Was given file shot Oct 13th. Hurt in shoulder bad. Left on vacation with numbness in hands too. Schedule. Did not see orthopedic Dr. until Nov. Told me I had carpel tunnels. Gave me cortisone shot in shoulder. Called back requesting MRI because I hurt so much. Had to cancel, dog broke leg same day. Finally got MRI. Called office to see Him to find out what was wrong with my arm. Nerves to hand shocking. Big knot in arm. Said MRI showed complete tear in rotator cuff. Whatttttttttt?????? This is end of Dec. He said it was bad but no surgery, gave me PT instructions and said goodbye. Do I call and put in claim with SERVA. Want have appt with vaccine Dr until get all Med records to him in another state,which will be almost 6 mts. What do I do. Healthy exercise each day and elder. Do I call SERVA?

  11. I visited a doctor in Albuquerque named Monica Ortega. She is familiar with SIRVA and willing to help me. Only had one appointment with her so far but just wanted to let the community know. I will update again positive or negative as time goes on.

  12. I was diagnosed with Bursitis/SIRVA within 3 days of my shot by a PA (unfortunately I can’t remember his name) about 3.5 years ago. I also visited an orthopedic surgeon (also don’t remember his name) who recommend the corticosteroid shot (not helpful) and delaying surgical intervention because there was no guarantee that the pain and risk would help in the long run. However, my physical therapist was most useful: Dr. Alex Broughton, Springville, UT. He was willing to rotate new therapies until we found what worked for me. We tried physical manipulations, UV, electrical stimulation, muscle scraping, and home exercises. I was one of his first patients so he was excited to try a bunch of new technology/ideas. He even attempted to come up with exercises to rehabilitate my violin playing… but he didn’t know enough about violin playing for that to be successful. Ultimately it was time, rest, inflammation management, and consistent PT strength exercises that helped to tame SIRVA. Mostly. It still flares up if I’m not diligent about maintaining muscle tone.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Not sure you are still reading this. I’m a pianist and have the same Ayer first covid shot. I would really appreciate if you wrote to me about the exercises you did. I’m at a loss.

      Thank you!

  13. I have been seeing the Physical Therapist Jason Kart of Core Physical Therapy in Chicago, IL. He has an understanding of my situation, believes that it was a result of the injection, and has helped me quite a bit. I recommend seeing him if you are in the area and looking for a good physical therapist. I received a TDAP vaccination on October 8 at my 30 week pregnancy checkup. A few hours after the injection I was in serious pain and was unable to lift my arm. I was unable to move my arm at my shoulder joint for about 2 weeks until I started going to physical therapy. I had extreme weakness and pain for months. It has slowly improved and at 4 months out I have full passive range of motion and almost full active range of motion – though still with a little bit of pain.

  14. I saw Dr. Anthony J. Schena in Boston who said he had at least two SIRVA patients per year and most of them recovered with cortisone shots, gentle PT and time. He was very nice and supportive, even when I fainted after he gave me the injection :P. Although my symptoms came back 3 months after the injection, I did not get another one and continued with my daily Yoga routine (gentle stretching/ muscle relaxation on bad days (bad weeks :/) and strengthening exercises on good days). Now after 5 months, I haven’t had any bad days in about 2 weeks. Hopefully this will be the end of my SIRVA story.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. I’ll add him to the Doctor Finder map. I’m so glad you’ve found relief with your routine of stretching and strengthening and I really hope this positive trend sticks around for ya!!!

    2. I do gentle yoga and yin yoga instead of physical therapy. It seemed to me that the PT was a little aggressive. Do you think you need strengthening exercises?
      I’m from RI. No docs here believed me. I guess it just takes time ( I hope) it’s been 5 months

  15. Dr. Anthony Schena in the Boston, MA area was the first doctor in 9 long, painful months to believe that my pain was caused by the flu vaccine. I burst into tears. Validation.
    Thank you to whomever added him here.

  16. I’m just starting my SIRVA journey. I need a doctor in the Kansas City area. Extreme pain and loss of use of my injection site arm. If you’ve been treated in KC please let me know. Thank you

  17. Hi Amy,Thank you so much for this fantastic resource! It has made a huge difference to me as I navigated the bewildering pain and loss of motion in my shoulder after receiving a flu shot 4 weeks ago. One of the resources you link to is Dr. Michael Skyhar’s post on his website, and so today I went to see him. I wanted to see an orthopedic surgeon and, while he’s a couple hours’ drive from me, I decided it would be worth the trip to see a doctor  who is aware of the condition rather than go through the difficulty of trying to educate those not familiar with it, as you and many others here have described, and I experienced with my own family doctor. Dr. Skyhar was fantastic – he confirmed a diagnosis of SIRVA (which has caused bursitis and frozen shoulder), gave me a cortisone shot and referred me for an MRI and physical therapy. He was also extremely nice and so were his office staff. He’s based in Encinitas, CA, not far from San Diego, which is a relatively easy distance for anyone in the Los Angeles area. I told him about your website and he was happy for me to put his name forward to be added to this map. I’m so grateful to you for collating this information, as I would never have found him otherwise and would likely still be dealing with doctors looking at me like I’m crazy. 

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you and to everyone else going through this!

  18. I saw Dr. Daniel Heckman for SIRVA and he was so knowledgeable about the condition and took the time to listen to my concerns. Him and his resident were so kind and understanding. He says that he sees 2-3 SIRVA patients a year. He is an orthopedist in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

    1. Hi Victoria, I live in the Lehigh Valley. I’m looking for an ortho. How is your SIRVA? Did you find effective treatment at with Dr. Heckman?
      Thank you!

  19. I experienced what I think is SIRVA. I received the flu vaccine 9/20. It was given at my office. I was sitting, the MA was standing and performed the injection using the “two finger” method for administration. 48 hours later is when all of the symptoms started. Limited range of motion, unable to lift arm, shoulder pain, unable to sleep(literally waking up in the middle of the night sitting up because of pain) I spoke to one my docs from the practice who mentioned SIRVA. I was seen by urgent care who dismissed the idea of the flu vaccine causing my pain. Referred me to ortho. At this point my practice turned it into a workman’s comp case. I saw the ortho doc- has been dismissive the entire time about my pain being from injection. I have had 2 steroid injections, 1 month of PT, MRI and the doc decided I needed surgery but was still dismissing any of this was caused by the vaccine. Workman’s comp approved surgery but then the doc stated no. I asked for a second opinion saw the other local ortho doc (across the street from the other- bc it had to be a workman’s comp doc) he also has dismissed any of this being related to the flu vaccine and stating I had tears in my shoulder before but he doesn’t know what the pain started after the vaccine.he said no surgery and stated I need more PT. It’s now been almost 6 months I’m still in pain, I have never experienced doctors that are not listening to me or that’s how I feel… this is an awful feeling. I don’t know what to do. My MRI showed Rotator cuff: musculotendinous strain with tendinosis and partial bursal surface tear of the infeaspinatus.

    Labrum: tears of the superior and posterior labrum, para larbral cyst at the spinoglenoid notch

    The first ortho stated rotator cuff tears can be from administration of a vaccine. Second disagreed and stated the only outcome of wrong administration could be frozen shoulder bc that’s all he has ever saw.

    They both stated labrum tears cannot happen from administration.

    If you have any advice please help. I’m not only in pain, but I can’t play with my 3 kids under the age of 6 like I want too, I’ve been starting to feel depressed as well from the whole ortho situations.

  20. Hello,
    I’m in the NY area. I need to find a doctor that can help me. I received the Covid-19 vaccine on 12/28/2020 and I have been suffering from severe pain, numbness, burning sensation and a lot more. I have seen quite a few doctors and no one is able to able me. The quality of my life has decreased. Any help or referrals could be really helpful.

  21. Both the nurse practitioner AND one doctor that I have seen so far knew about SIRVA (March 2021). I live in Cottage Grove, Oregon. John M Malleis, MD.

    1. Hi Sandra, I’m in Eugene and trying to find a doctor who doesn’t think I’m making all of this up for a frivolous lawsuit. I see you live just about 20 miles from me, but Dr John Mallets is listed as practicing in Medford. Did you make the trip to Medford to see him or does he have a practice that is closer?

  22. Edward Tillett, MD (Orthopedics/Sports Medicine)
    UofL Health
    201 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 100
    Louisville, KY 40202

    This doctor acknowledges SIRVA & will provide care according to your condition. I took your recommended articles to my appointment & fortunately did not need to use them to demonstrate that SIRVA is a real condition. Fortunately, my left shoulder has improved greatly although I still have some weakness & limited range of motion, significant pain with certain movements & lots of crepitus in the joint that never existed before getting a flu vaccine administered into my joint capsule October 2020. Thank you for your website.

      1. Any advice on Sirva after covid vaccine and the arise of shoulder crepitations, loss of ROM in abduction, flexion and internal rotation with pain

  23. I’ve been seeing Dr. Robert C. Spang III at Sports Medicine North. He never denied my injury was caused by the vaccine administration and has been very nice and helpful.

  24. I had my 2nd CV19 shot on 2/16. The initial reaction resolved in a day; but then in a few extreme should pain developed. I figured that it would resolve, but finally couldn’t take it any more and went to my PCP. She didn’t know anything about SIRVA and suggested going to an ortho. The ortho was surprised to have had number of patients with the same complaint. They gave me a steroid shot…2 days later, still waiting for relief. They apparently haven’t heard of SIRVA either. I researched the symptoms since that visit, and spotted this syndrome. I’ll be passing the info on to my docs at NSO in Marietta GA.

    1. Sorry about that, unfortunately the same thing is happening to me from the Covid shot. She gave me very high up into my shoulder.
      Do you feel better? Did you find any solution?
      Thank you

  25. I also am currently experiencing a SIRVA from my second COVID vaccine on 2/3. I have been doing physical therapy and taking some NSAIDS intermittently. My pain was pretty awful for the first month, but has improved with PT. Any leads on doctors in Maryland or close by that deal with SIrVA. Im like 2.5mo in and Im so over this and it doesnt appear its going to get better.

  26. Maybe try reaching out to an attorney that works with SIRVA.
    I image they would have names of some names of physicians who listened to their patients.

  27. I wanted to thank you for this resource. It has been helpful given the scant amount of info I have been able to find online. I have a doctor who is treating me for SIRVA and he was familiar with this and knowledgeable. I am using Dr. Reed Williams in Frisco, TX. He is at UT Southwestern Frisco. He is a physiatrist who will use Ultrasound to diagnose and treat injuries. He gave me a cortisone injection into the bursa (guided under ultrasound). I got relief for awhile from this, however it did not last. Right now I am in PT to prevent frozen shoulder while we decide next steps. Here is a link to his info for anyone in the DFW area looking for someone.

  28. After my second Covid vaccine on March 27, I noticed that my shoulder pain and its range of motion got worse and worse. In the last week of April, I consulted my General Physician, Dr Betty Grasty ( in Las Colinas, Texas who said it looks like SIRVA. So far I have tried an oral steroid and a prescription strength NSAID with not much improvement in my pain or range of motion. The plan is to next try PT and if that does not work to see an Ortho who will probably give a steroid shot.

  29. I found Dr. Nicole Belkin at New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital to be very good. (914) 233-3022. She had heard of shoulder injuries from vaccines, so I did not have to convince her. I wish I had sought help sooner – my flu shot was in November of 2020, it felt like bursitis and I did what I usually do for bursitis – it didn’t work. I didn’t go to the doctor until the end of March. She listens.

  30. I realized I have never recommended my doctors!

    Andrew Lingbloom, P.A., Virginia Mason, Seattle, WA (Primary Care, helped get the ball rolling for surgery, physical therapy, etc.)

    Dr. Nigel Sparks, Orthopedic surgeon, Virginia Mason, Seattle, WA (performed my surgery in 2020)

    1. Thanks Ashley! I didn’t add your PA since I’m (at this point) just adding physicians and orthopedists, but I’m so glad you found excellent help from him as well. Maybe others in Seattle will see your comment!!

  31. I saw Dr. Joseph Wilson from Emerge Ortho in Durham, NC. He is wonderful. He was familiar with SIRVA. He gives his patients his cell phone number to text him with questions, concerns or problems.

    1. Thanks Angela!! So glad you found a great doc and I’ve added him. That helps fill in a pretty blank spot on the map so I’m very happy about that!

  32. I have SIRVA after 1st COVID vaccine in Dec 2020. Currently getting a round of PT, where the therapist is confirming that this is not a “rare” occurrence. Range of motion getting slightly better but pain is still there. In doing some research, I’ve found where a Dr Bodor in Napa CA has an irrigation process that he has used on a few patients. I’d love to see more data on that or hear from people who have had it done. Anyone here experienced that? I’d jump right on a plane if there’s evidence to show it works!
    Thanks for this map and area to discuss this issue!

    1. I had Dr. Bodor’s Tenex irrigation procedure. I was very hopeful but I didn’t see a huge improvement afterward. I am doing better now by most metrics but it is hard to pin down how much the tenex contributed vs a combination of other treatments. I am sture he will publish a paper on it eventually but I think he has only performed it on <20 total SIRVA patients so far

  33. I have been dealing with SIRVA since receiving my flu shot over a year ago. I am involved in a workman’s comp claim, since it was administered at my job by one of our nurses, and I was denied after my ortho recommended surgery. I have been struggling/desperate to find a doc anywhere who was willing to formally diagnose this amd most think it’s all in my head. I finally found someone! I had to drive 2 1/2 hours to Bend to find him but he is amazing. He did his fellowship with Dr. Bodor in Nappa. He was able to diagnose the problem in his office with an ultrasound and he’s going to make sure we find a way to get me a Tenex procedure. His name is Dr Brian Barnett at Central Oregon Spine and Sports. He’s a D.O. and is not yet certified to do a solo Tenex procedure, but he’s hoping to be soon. I can’t tell you how great it was to be listened to and validated after a year of being told I’m making this up.

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Sara. Sorry it took me so long to get to updating the map but he’s on there now. So happy you found someone!

  34. Hi all, I am looking for a doctor for Sirva in NY, NJ, CT area? I saw 3 specialists but none of them heard of Sirva. I already had two shots for my bursitis and they did not help.

  35. Do they need to know that it was caused by a vaccine? Does that change the treatment? I live in Italy and I am pretty sure this is not a thing here and I’m in a lot of pain! 🙁

  36. I highly recommend:

    Dr Adam Lindsay
    VSON/Alpine Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery
    112 W. Spencer Ave.
    Gunnison, CO 81230
    (970) 641-6788

    I was day 6 out from what clearly seemed like SIRVA when I went to see him. He did a thorough clinical exam, X-rays, and ultrasound of my shoulder. He has personally seen SIRVA, heard from colleagues in Denver that are seeing increased incidences of SIRVA from the increase in vaccine administration and 100% agreed that SIRVA was the cause of my pain. I mentioned the studies where early cortisone injection into the bursa might help so he willingly gave me an injection, along with physical therapy exercises. We’re hoping for resolution but he said come back in a month or so if the pain is not resolving and he would re-examine and order an MRI.

  37. My physical therapist, Dr Melisa Abesa at Evolve Physical Therapy in Sherwood, OR had not heard of it, but researched and has provided outstanding care. I still need surgery, but their PT care has prevented me from having a frozen shoulder, and greatly reduced my swelling.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! So far I haven’t started adding PTs to the map, but I probably should….!!! I’m so glad you found someone excellent and I hope your surgery goes well.

  38. Dr. Eric Choi, ChiroPlus Wellness Care in Aurora Colorado has been AMAZING! After months of getting worse and worse, after getting no help whatsoever from a western medical doctor, physical therapists, and an acupuncturist, I found Dr. Choi. Within two visits that included cupping and dry needling I was already feeling better with no more pain at night. With each visit, my mobility has improved and I’m about 90% back to full mobility. Immediately I appreciated that Dr. Choi listened to me and believed that this occurred from the vaccine administration. Each visit is purposeful and specific to where you are in the healing process. Dr. Choi is a true healer and I highly recommend him.

  39. I had never heard of the term SIRVA before I went to see the orthopedist. I knew the symptoms I was having was related to receiving both shots. My family practitioner tried to tell me that it was something I did and brushed off the notion it was related to the shots despite telling her the exact spots it hurt and when the symptoms started. The orthopedic MD I was referred to was quite knowledgeable of SIRVA and said that he had seen several other cases just a couple months prior to my appointment which was in December of 2021. The orthopedist is Dr. Joseph Thomas Anderson with Steadman Hawkins which is part of the Prisma Health System.
    He is very knowledgeable of SIRVA and is very pro patient when it comes to getting mobility back into the affected limb.

  40. Hi, Amy! Is there a way for me to contact you. I’m really intrigued by your site and would like to discuss something with you. Thank you! – Jen

  41. My journey started January 2021. After 5 orthopedic consults I finally found one who helped me and understood SIRVA. I had surgery September 14, 2021. Prior to surgery I had PT and 2 steroid injections then 6 months post op PT, 2 more steroids injections and a follow up MRI angiogram. Finally I am I am in homestretch. If I met this doctor first I think I would have been on the mind faster. But frozen shoulder set in and I ended up with arthroscopic surgery, clavicle excision, bicep tendinitis and a manipulation. His name is Dr Ronak Patel out of Hinsdale Orthopedics in Hinsdale IL.

  42. Hi, I’m about 3 months into my SIRVA journey after getting a bad shot on Aug 30, 2022. I’ve done PT, 2 rounds of prednisone, and got a cortisone shot about a week ago (still holding out hope this will work but I don’t feel any different yet). Has anyone had success with doctors in the New England, specifically ME/NH/MA area? My pain is mainly in the front of my shoulder (bicep tendonitis?), down my bicep, and on the outside of my shoulder (although pain has decreased in that area following the prednisone). If anyone has had similar symptoms and wouldn’t mind sharing if anything has worked for them or if they have any doctor recs in the area, I would really appreciate it!

  43. I developed SIRVA shortly after getting a seasonal flu shot on October 19, 2022. I have yet to find a Doctor who believes the flu shot causes this. My GP did give me a round of Medrol dose pack, and Flexeril. The Medrol dose pack completely got rid of the symptoms, but as soon as I was finished with the five days of medicine, the symptoms came back. I am in central Texas halfway between Waco and the DFW area and I cannot find a doctor here that will help. Has anyone had any luck with the vaccine adverse event reimbursement program or VAERS? I am going to consult an attorney about this because most of the doctors don’t take my insurance, and it looks like I’ll be paying out of pocket if I do find someone who can treat this.

  44. Has anyone heard of the Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Canada? Their website says many of their patients are from the US. I’ve consulted (Zoom) with an administrative personnel and also a doctor who performs the noninvasive procedure. Plan to contact my insurance company this week. Issue started day of 2nd COVID shot. MRI & CT reveal all sorts of things I don’t understand, but physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon both said I do have frozen shoulder. It has evolved, though, to the point that my shoulder doesn’t necessarily hurt anymore unless I move it a certain way, but my arm where the shot was administered hurts all day, everyday, very badly. I also still have almost no motion of range of my left arm.

  45. I visited Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists on E Cesar E Chavez Ave today— I was seen by Felipe Nunez, who has seen an uptick of shoulder injuries after COVID vaccines in recent years and offered to order an MRI.

    Side note: thank you for this work you are doing, this website has been so helpful for me.

  46. I have been dealing with this since Dec. 1, 2023. Had x-rays, MRI, two rounds of oral steroids, one steroid injection and eight weeks of PT. It’s been five month and still in pain. The orthopedic Md today (5/3/24) said there is nothing more they can do. His name is on the list above map.

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