NEW!! SIRVA Doctors

Nearly every person who has responded to the SIRVA Survey has reported seeing a doctor or health care professional who had never heard of SIRVA, and/or was skeptical about whether it exists. In my experience, I have found about half of the doctors I’ve seen to be knowledgeable about SIRVA and the other half completely unaware.

HELP US FILL IN THE MAP!! Have you seen a doctor about SIRVA and had a good experience (found them knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful)? Let us know in the comments, so other people can seek out good doctors near them. I’ll add your positive reviews to the map. Negative reviews of doctors will stay in the comments as a warning to others to stay away!


(Warning: I’m using a free map widget here, so it may not be super functional. Hover over a marker to see a basic description of the doctor or click on the marker to be taken to their webpage/contact info.)

DISCLAIMER: I have not personally seen most of the doctors listed on this map. Some of them are listed because they are authors or co-authors on papers about SIRVA, so I assume they’re familiar with it, but make no promises about how good they are. If you see one of them and think they’re terrible, leave a comment and I will remove them from the map.

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