This page provides links to other resources about Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA). SIRVA articles are listed by type, ranging from media stories for public to pieces written by doctors to papers in medical journals. Below the articles of interest for SIRVA patients are articles about proper, safe vaccine injection to avoid causing a shoulder injury.

The most reliable source of information about SIRVA comes from peer-reviewed, scientific or medical journals. However, many of those articles are behind a paywall and/or are not written for the layperson. Links to the most important and interesting articles are posted regardless of whether the article is publicly available.

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Articles about SIRVA

Newspaper/Magazine Articles

Wired Magazine, 2015: “Why are cases of shoulder injuries from vaccines increasing?”

Washington Post, 2015: “I got a pneumonia shot — and then the pain began”

Chicago Tribune, 2016: “6 things to know about needle injection shoulder injuries”

Science Magazine, 2017: “Vaccines on trial: U.S. court separates fact from fiction”

NBC, 2018: “Half of All New Federal Vaccine Cases Allege Injury From Shots Given Incorrectly”

NYT, 2019: “Vaccine Injury Claims Are Few and Far Between”

General Articles by Health Professionals

AAP News, 2017: “Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration reported more frequently”

Dr. Skyhar: “Vaccine Induced Shoulder Pain”

[pdf] Department of Health & Human Services Presentation, 2015: “PREVENTION OF SIRVA”

Papers in Medical Journals

Some of these papers are behind a paywall; however, the abstract provides some useful information and links to how the article can be purchased. Others are fully available to the public. The order of articles listed here is somewhat random but with the most highly recommended and/or publicly available ones on top.

Barnes et al., 2012: “A ‘Needling’ Problem: Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration”

Bansci et al., 2019: “Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration and other injection site events”

Cook, I., 2014: “Subdeltoid/subacromial bursitis associated with influenza vaccination” 

Atanasoff et al., 2010: “Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA)”

Arias et al., 2017: “Risk of bursitis and other injuries and dysfunctions of the shoulder following vaccinations”

[pdf] Bodor and Montalvo, 2007: “Vaccination-related shoulder dysfunction”

[pdf] Messerschmitt et al., 2012: “Progressive osteolysis and surface chondrolysis of the proximal humerus following influenza vaccination”

Degreef and Debeer, 2015: “Post-vaccination Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. Report of 3 Cases”

[pdf] Floyd et al., 2012: “Pseudoseptic arthritis of the shoulder following pneumococcal vaccination”

Salmon et al., 2015: “Bone erosion and subacromial bursitis caused by diphtheria–tetanus–poliomyelitis vaccine”

[pdf] Egol et al., 2015: “Vaccination induced rotator cuff tear: A case report”

Uchida et al., 2012: “Subacromial bursitis following human papilloma virus vaccine misinjection”

Kuether et al., 2011: “Atraumatic osteonecrosis of the humeral head after influenza A-(H1N1) v-2009 vaccination”

DeRogatis et al., 2018: “Septic Shoulder Joint After Pneumococcal Vaccination Requiring Surgical Debridement”

Patel and Gronski, 2018: “SIRVA: Uncommon yet debilitating cause of flu vaccine administration” (poster abstract)

[pdf] Jotwani and Narducci, 2019: “Case Report”

Sataloff, 2019: “Shoulder Injuries Related to Vaccine
Administration: An ENT Problem?”

Articles about Safe Injection

Cook, I., 2011: “An evidence based protocol for the prevention of upper arm injury related to vaccine administration (UAIRVA)”

Cook, I., 2015: “Best vaccination practice and medically attended injection site events following deltoid intramuscular injection”

Cross et al., 2016: “Don’t aim too high: Avoiding shoulder injury related to vaccine administration”

[pdf] Addison, M., 2017: “Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA): Are you on Target?”

Pharmacy Today: “Proper vaccination technique is key to avoiding shoulder injury”

Fahlen, M. [in Swedish]: “SIRVA undviks med UAIRVA: Inför evidensbaserad metod för intramuskulär vaccination”

Articles about Imaging/Diagonstics

Taylor and Hinke, 2014: “Radiological Case: Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration”

[pdf] Okur et al., 2014: “Magnetic resonance imaging of abnormal shoulder pain following influenza vaccination”